Celebrating Christian Education

I received a bottle of body lotion and a drinking cup with a huge bouquet of flowers extending from one side and the name Luisa Granner written on the other side.  These were lovingly presented to me by two educators in an expression of gratitude in our last Christian Education meeting with the Sunday School teachers. 

Reverend Betania wanted this reunion to be a happy time so we bought a huge cake and played a power point with over 750 pictures that were taken throughout 8 years of training sessions and activities in the IED churches. 

We reprinted 31 sets of curriculum 35 times and displayed all of the materials that were made as examples for the activities from different lessons.  We put out a give away table of visuals and English materials that were on hand and prepared 50 printed bags especially for this meeting all filled with supplies each church could use in their children’s classes. 

Many pictures were taken, all of the tables were emptied, cake was eaten and goodbyes were said. 

This gathering was a celebration of God’s blessings and abundance with us.  It was also an encouragement for these servants of God to continue in their ministries with the children in the Dominican Republic and a testimony of each of their faithfulness and commitment of God’s love in the world.

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