There is no one like you, blessed god

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since we’ve gone on a walk together.

Once a week I like to walk to the ocean wall. There is something about looking out over the ocean.  It’s our replacement for looking out over the plains of North Dakota. It’s a reminder that there’s something bigger than us. 

Last night, Gordy and I were lamenting about life. We were, and still are, thinking about our children and missing them; we are concerned for the US and all that is happening there; and we are suffering with the Dominican people, especially our co-workers.  They have been affected physically, economically, and especially psychologically; our hearts ache for them. We all have lost the ability to predict the future, to prepare for it, and even control it. (This is not necessarily positive, I know.)  I have felt such frustration not knowing how to walk with folks. To help me, I have taken the famous saying, “one day at a time” as my guide. At one point I added, “and one person at a time”.

When you arrive at the Malecon, which is the ocean wall, there is an outdoor type gym that has a handful of exercise stations.  The middle of this area is open and small groups of people like to do stretches there, which usually also includes a type of Merengue, the typical music of the Dominican Republic. This morning, a group of about 15 women straggled in with their mask on.  They felt no hurry to begin their exercise routine with their young trainer.  They all came with chef like hats that were all a unique orange color and had a gold sequined band sewn round the brim. They fully enjoyed how they looked and decided to take a picture of themselves.  Someone then produced mangoes that were then expertly eaten, which means there was no juice running down their shirts; they enjoyed their sweet mangoes with tiny plastic cups of syrupy sweet coffee. 

It did my heart good to watch them laugh and enjoy each other’s company in the middle of such a somber time in our shared history. 

Finally, their young trainer said they needed to get to work. 

Before they began their exercises, they bowed their heads and prayed.

He then started the music on his tape player. The first song that played was a famous Latin Christian hymn: 

Tú Fidelidad.

Cuán grande es. 

Tú fidelidad incomparable es.

Nadie como Tú, bendito Dios.

Grande es tu fidelidad. 


Your faithfulness.   

How great it is.

Your faithfulness is incomparable.

There is no one like You, Blessed God. 

How great is your faithfulness.

I was astonished.

As I walked home, I stopped at the stop light to cross a busy street. There was an older lady standing next to me, with a cane in her hand. As the light changed from red to green,  she put her hand on my forearm. I quickly realized she was not walking steady and needed help getting off the curb. She kept her hand on my forearm and we walked very slowly across the street. I prayed she wouldn’t fall. When we reached the other side, she said, “God bless you.”

A peace ran through me. 

How great is God’s faithfulness. 

There is no one like You, Blessed God.

One thought on “There is no one like you, blessed god”

  1. Thank You Ardell for sharing your heartwarming experience.  It really lifted my spirits to be reminded about our faithful God.    Dave and I have been very fortunate…but the COVID virus is getting closer…  a good friend and our daughter-in-law are infected as well as 7 residents in the nursing home that’s a part of our retirement center…..    So, it’s kind of scary…, but comforting to remember the sometimes simple acts of kindness or joy that remind us of the faithfulness of God’s love.       Lately I have become enamored with Bur Oaks and Oak Savanahs, and Dave and I have visited several of the Savannahs this fall.   Those ancient trees somehow comfort and inspire me.  Happy Belated Birthday Ardell!    I saw it in the Prayer Calendar.       Best wishes to you both!       Marge    

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