Solar Oven VIM team March, 2020

Thank you Marj, Connie, Larry, Scott, Colleen, Connie, Patty, Anna, Mya, Katie, Bella and Pangea.

For coming to reach out to us in need even as the coronavirus was creeping into our existence.  You came in boldness and faith in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Solar Oven teams are amazingly flexible.  We traveled to Villa de Anacaona, La Gorra del Partido and Partido; three pueblos on the northwest side of the country.  All of them are on the Dominican Haitian border.  Villa de Anacaona is actually 2300 feet above sea level.  It is a pueblo located beyond the Dominican border and before the Haitian border.  We could actually see Haiti from where we stopped.  That side of the mountain was completely brown, without vegetation.

It was raining that day and the following day so we arranged to visit two schools to share about the ovens with the teachers and the students.


The South Dakota SO team consisted of 5 young women between the ages of 15 and 21.  They were all a delight, worked hard and had wonderful attitudes.

At both of the schools they connected with the students so beautifully; all practicing their Spanish while the students practiced their English, sharing names, sharing likes and dislikes, braiding hair, taking pictures, giving hugs.  I felt God’s blessings to be a part of those moments.



We also walked through the Haitian Dominican biweekly market.  Always so interesting to see people buying and selling.

Many ovens were built, many talks shared, much food cooked and

enjoyed, many ovens distributed.

A very good time was had by all.

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