A Walk with the Coronavirus

The President of the Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina declared social mandates for the country in response to the coronavirus 11 days ago.  The number I heard last night was that there are over 500 cases.

Businesses are open for a limited time during the week; there are workers who have been cut to half time; no meetings or gatherings are allowed; events have been cancelled.

Folks that usually sell to others from a cart on the street have eliminated their cart and are holding their coffee dispenser or container with sandwiches in their laps.

Last week a new mandate was added, there is a curfew from 5:00 pm to 6:00 am.

We went to the small grocery store close to our apartment.  There was no more hand sanitizer, little toilet paper and no plantains.

The church services have been cancelled during this season of Lent with Holy Week quickly approaching.

I have to continue to walk in the mornings even though others think there is a risk of contracting the virus this way.  This morning there were only a handful of people walking.   I passed one man right away.  He and I both felt uncomfortable, almost guilty yet we still greeted each other,  “Buenas Dias”.    I walked by 4 night watchmen who all had on face masks. I walked by a police man knocking down mangoes with a stick.  I walked by the restaurant Gordy and I eat at every once in awhile.  It is closed except for takeout.

There are only a few cars on the road.  This is the most uncommon site since there are 3 million people in this city and it seems like umpteen million cars and that many motorcycles. Pedestrians don’t have the right-a-way so we are always at risk.  Horn blasting is part of driving and very acceptable. And the fumes.  There is a thin layer of soot every day on our apartment floor.

I walked by a homeless man who could see I wasn’t carrying anything so I didn’t have any money to share with him yet he said,  “Dios es Bueno”,  “God is good”.

As I could see the ocean ahead of me, I realized something was different……. I could hear.  I could hear the silence.






I could hear the ocean. I could smell something.  I could smell the ocean ahead of me and






I could smell the flowers I just passed.







And then it was like a symphony of music and I could hear the birds……the ones close to me and the ones further away.  I had to stop walking.   It was incredible.  Almost like a wave of songs going through my body.

God is good.

There is so much uncertainty and fear while at the same time doubt and mistrust.  Everyone is  confused and susceptible.

Part of creation is suffering.  While another part of creation is singing.

Could we ever live in harmony together?

What would that look like?

One thought on “A Walk with the Coronavirus”

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been wondering how you all are doing and praying for you!

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