Bethany UMC visits the Dominican Republic February 17, 2020

We welcomed with open arms our beloved covenant church from Madison, WI; Bethany UMC.  It was so fun and so encouraging to welcome folks we’ve been in relationship with for over 26 years.  We were able to receive them off their plane, spend the following morning with them as they had a session with Jose Rafael Peguero to learn about the history and reality of the Dominican Republic and then had lunch together at a restaurant close to their hostel.  We talked about our history together and what the week might look like for them.

Sadly, we them told them goodbye.  They went on to; Loma de Cabrera, Villa de lo Almacigas, and Arroyo Blanco de Santiago Rodriguez with the director of Solar Ovens in the Dominican Republic, Rev. Erasme Figeroa.

We flew to Minnesota and then drove on to Binford, North Dakota and Wilton, North Dakota to be with our families during the funerals of my sister, Rita Halvorson and Gordy’s step dad, Jerry Murrey.

Thank you; Steve, Connie, Mary, Jim, Gloria, Marjory, Ann, Morena, Gertrudis, Mario, Rev. Erasme and everyone at Bethany UMC for being a part of God’s mission in the Dominican Republic even in our absence.  We greatly appreciate your love and support to us all of these years.

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