North Dakota, Minnesota, Florida; Methodist and Lutheran Team to the DR

February, 2019:  Every volunteer in mission team is unique.  They bring something new which we get to discover as the week unfolds.  How to put that new thing into words will always be a challenge and never capture the full picture, like any photograph which only catches a momentary still shot of life.

Even when our great plans go awry, God blesses our best intentions to serve with all of our being.  There are times in solar oven demonstrations that the sun is blocked by clouds and we begin to worry.  In addition there are times when the multitudes we expected to attend don’t appear leaving us with a small circle of local people, and we begin to fret.  In times like these we seek courage and comfort in remembering that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed.  It is so very small as to seem insignificant.  But somehow this small seed can achieve something great in spite of its size.

A team of five Americans, namely, Carol, Lois, Wally, Jiggy, and Grace joined with our Dominican group of five, Erasme, Mario, Gertrudis, Louisa (Ardell), and Gordy.  A group of 10 which at times was reduced to nine and then eight, took on a labor of love.  We did solar oven demonstrations in Neyba and Tamayo, two small towns in the southwest of the Dominican Republic.

These towns are located in a dry, sunbaked, thorn infested region that seems more suitable for goats than people.



In spite of the odds against us we planted our mustard seeds in faith.  God was with us and we were met with the smiles, the excitement, and the hopes of God’s children that we had the privilege to meet.  We served them and they blessed us and the joy of God filled our souls.  We have confidence that these mustard seeds will grow and bring life.  Something new has happened as we have loved one another as Christ has loved us.

Our thanks to you who came from afar to share God’s love in action.

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