Christian Education meeting with local IED Christian Education leaders

Dear friends,

We are the Christian Education department:  Rev. Betania is the director, Antonia, who was nominated by the national church assembly this year, is the president and myself.  Jose Rafael advises us in regards to Dominican society and edits our curriculum lessons.   Every year we meet with the Christian Education leaders from the local churches to share with them what we are doing, train them with new sets of curriculum and find out how we can best support them.

Last week, our meeting with the 34 leaders in attendance, started out with them drawing their local church’s vision for Christian Education, blind folded.

We then asked them to write each of these visions on a piece of paper.  This exercise of drawing pictures of their visions and then writing them in words created some very lively discussions.


I think one of the most exciting parts of our meeting was that a majority of the Christian Education leaders who are selected by their local churches are young women.   I could feel their passion, commitment and openness throughout the meeting.

We ended the meeting with them decorating a clay pot





and coloring a picture that was chosen from a violence curriculum that we had designed for the adolescent camp held last summer.




This new curriculum on violence is written in response to the rise in violence in the Dominican society and more specifically violence in the family.




We ask you to pray for these young women as they share their ideas and convictions with the children in their congregations.

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