UMVIM team sets new record in the Dominican Republic

We recently hosted a volunteer in mission team from the Dakotas (January 2019).

We took them to the northwest corner of the Dominican Republic to places like Villa Vasques, Guayabín, and Dajabón, which is on the Haitian border.  We went to do solar oven demonstrations and to distribute ovens to the local participants.

And not to brag but in less than a week’s time we provided solar ovens to 167 families.




However, a fair question we might ask even after all the hard work, ‘Was it worth it?’ 

Could we have done better?  probably

Could we have done the work more efficiently? most likely

Should we not be expanding our horizons to get more ovens to more people?  makes sense

Will our efforts have a significant impact on the environment? hmm, not sure about that

On the other hand what about Marty, Tammy, Dennis, Loli, Ardell, Noami, Marj, Ray, Genesy, Deb, Rosemary, Mario, Gordy, Lorenzo, Karen, Erasme, Shirley, Gertrudis, and Juana?

Here are some questions for them:

Did you get to know and enjoy one another fully through work, worship, sharing food, prayer, play, devotions, and travel?

Do you feel like this experience gave you a glimpse of the kingdom of heaven?

Do you feel like you had an encounter with God, that within the heart of God you were part of a dream that came to life?

Did you store up treasures in heaven?

Thanks to all of you for giving yourselves away, for emptying yourselves, for your service,

May you be filled with the Holy Spirit,

With justice, peace, and joy,

So you may give it all away again and again.

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