Christian Education in Samana, Dominican Republic


Rev. Betania and I rode the Caribea Tours bus to the Samana peninsula to share a Christian Education workshop with the IED teachers and leaders there.  It was pouring rain for the whole weekend yet folks still came out and it was an amazing weekend.

Rev. Betania shared about the liturgy of the church, which is always a hot topic for them because the Dominican Evangelical Church was born of three mothers, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Moravian.

I intended to share five Sunday School lessons with them so they could learn the format we are incorporating into the children’s lessons.   I walked through one lesson with them from Mark 7: verses 24-30.  It’s the passage of the Syrophoenician woman talking with Jesus.  The lessons for children 3-6, 7-12 and the teenagers each involved a different dynamic or activity.  By the time we had done all three of these dynamics, they had so many questions and comments and got so involved in the lesson that we had no more time to walk through the other four lessons.  I guess this was a success in spite of the time limit.  Without a doubt though, we all learned a lot.

We were then invited to attend the harvest festival at one of the country churches up the mountain in Monte Rojo (Red Mountain). You can see the Caribbean Sea on one side of the mountain and almost see the Atlantic on the other, just on the other side of a lush green valley.The service rocked, almost literally from the beginning to the end with the rhythmic choruses sung with fervor and gusto.  The harvest crops decorated the whole sanctuary lying on the alter and hanging from the ceiling (ayame, platanos, guineos, ñame, yautia, ajis, yucca,batata and coconut) as a testament to the blessing of God.  The topper was a drama with the ladies of the church portraying

the 10 virgins in the passage from Matthew 25: 1-13 about having oil in their lamps.

A serious passage but homegrown drama is always good for some sidesplitting laughter.

Betania and I traveled back to the capital in Caribea Tours with joy and satisfaction in our souls.

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