Solar Oven Demonstration in Pedernales. Ardell writes:

Last night the national Solar Oven team returned from Pedernales at 11:00 pm.





The seminars were different this time because the second day we encouraged the participants to build their oven on their own and then prepare a pot of food on their own to cook in it. Usually we walk them through these steps.  I really encouraged the team not to  ‘take over’ but rather to ask strategic questions.  This was so interesting to be a part of.  The discussions were very lively.


Not until after the seminar was over did any of us realize that among the participants were four medical doctors, the director of the local hospital,  two members of the region’s environmental group and one city commissioner.  They were all very happy with their ovens.

As they told us goodbye, one of the environmentalists told me that the next time we come,  they will help to organize the people and get the ovens into the hands of the most needy in that region.

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