Kennedy Martin

Kennedy Martin arrived four days after Gordy left for his surgery in Atlanta.   Her time with me was a whirlwind of activities:

  • visiting the Dominican Evangelical Church’s annual women’s camp,
  • to visiting the Chicago Cub’s training camp in the DR,
  • to building a parsonage with a Volunteer in Mission team from Iowa,
  • to traveling with Bishop Cancu and getting caught in the middle of a protest for two hours,

  • to assisting the leadership team at the annual adolescent camp,

  • to working with the national Solar Oven team in Pedernales.

Kennedy was able to have lots of conversations with Dominicans, to see much of the country, and to taste many Dominican dishes   It was very nice to have her along during all those times.

Thank you Kennedy for your openness to listen and learn, your willingness to be involved in life amidst all its messiness, for your heart of justice and for your love for all of God’s people.

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