Adolescent Camp Coming

The IED church will host the adolescent summer camp at the national camp groups in the city of Bani on Thursday the 26th of July.  It is planned to be a 4 day camp although someone realized the dates that were chosen fell on Father’s Day the 29th so no one is ever sure if the camp will continue through the 29th or finish on the 28th.   I hope we are allowed to continue through the morning of the 29th, there is so much planned for the camp,

I will be working directly with the camp this year alongside Rev. Betania and Rev. Carilina.  We have our theme and curriculum.  We have chosen the theme of “Violence” with fear and trembling.  This is such a serious issue in the Dominican society, the church asked us to begin addressing it.  This will be our first direct attempt.

Please pray for us.

There will be “walking the wooden planks”,



“breaking clay pots”,






gluing them back together again,




and walking the labyrinth (So many thanks to Carol, Wally, Lois,  Carol, and Jiggy for lovingly painting a labyrinth for us.).



These are all activities that will happen for the first time in this church.

I feel excited yet very nervous at the same time. I’ll share with you what happens afterwards.

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