2018 Medical Mission to Montecristi, Dominican Republic

There are a lot of moving parts to a medical mission in the Dominican Republic.  There is much collaboration, coordination, and conversation in a cross cultural setting which has a high potential for chaos.

Thankfully, the mission becomes a dance of God’s grace.



Julia Jones brought a team of 10 from South Dakota and Minnesota that included three doctors and a 4th year medical student.  They were joined by Dr. Yovi, a young Dominican doctor.  The rest of us filled in as support staff: translators, pharmacist’s helpers, crowd control, and general service practitioners.

There are many special moments when each one of us catches a glimpse of God.  So many faces tell their stories without words, children with their natural radiance,





young mothers carrying the weight of the family,







the elderly quietly bearing a lifetime of hard work like trees that usually go unnoticed, and a special group we had not seen before, fishermen.



The fishermen had some common qualities.  They were early middle aged, physically strong like athletes, seemed content with their life and work, but also had the aches and pains that come to those who spend long hours on the water tending to their nets.  I think the only reason they came to the clinic was because lately the winds had been too strong for fishing.  I became aware that these men are paying a high price to help bring fish to our tables.  I was also reminded that Jesus had a special care for men like these and found that they have the character qualities he looks for in choosing disciples.  What a blessing to sit and talk with them for a moment.

Volunteer in Mission teams bring with them some of the best qualities; generosity, open hearts and minds, a strong work ethic, and a good sense of humor.







They also bring the faith, hope, and love of Christ with hearts of compassion.




Special thanks to the 2018 Medical Team to Montecristi: Julia, Dr. Cindi, Dr. Dale, Dr. Terri, Dr. Yovi and Dr.(almost)Kayla, the three amigos – Elliot, Chris, and Garrett; Mario, Ann Elise, Mike, Deisy y Lorenzo, Dairy, Lori, Loreidy, Juana, Rosmeri, Loli, Noemi, Yenesi, Ardell and Gordy.

Like green plantains cooked and mashed together for 10 days we became a most delicious mangú. 

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