Night Sweats

In January of 2018 we were doing solar oven demonstrations in Neyba, located on the western fringe of the country.  We stayed in a small hostel in the downtown area.  There was lots of noise with all the motorcycles and party bars up and down the street.  In the middle of the night when the noise had quieted down I heard a loud, BANG, just outside my door.  A gunshot for sure and I froze in fear not knowing what to do.  The hostel has no security but the other team members in adjoining rooms were not stirring.  Did they not hear the gunshot?  So I just stayed put, listening, and then came another BANG, and I thought we were in for some terror.  I felt helpless and dared not open the door.  After an hour or so I went back to sleep.

Next morning I came down to the lobby and my teammates were gathered talking and laughing like all was normal.  I told the proprietor about the gunshots I had heard in the middle of the night, and asked what happened.  He said he hadn’t heard any gunshots and after thinking about it awhile said it was probably just mangos falling from the trees and hitting a tin roof.  I thought to myself, “Mangoes, are you kidding me, no way!”

Next night I hear it again, BANG!!  But this time after the BANG I hear the sound of something rolling off the roof, like a mango. 

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