First Home Visits in Tamayo

Good Morning Friends,

As I write this,  Gordy and Erasme are in Neyba doing a second Solar Oven demonstration.  Neyba is one of the cities on the southwest side of the country where we went for the first time in December with our U.S. Solar Oven director, Marj and the international team.  Neyba doesn’t have an IED pastor but they do have a dynamic lay leader who all week long holds services in the tiny church, built with wood slats that can’t keep the rain out.

As I write to you this morning I remember January 5th and 6th, which is All King’s Day around the world.  We were in Tamayo, sharing a second demonstration with folks who requested a second visit.  This was our first follow-up visit and we had an amazing time.

The second day of the demonstration, we got to cook with ladies who have become familiar with what the ovens can do, confident even.  They were both serious and happy to be with us.  We could tell they were soaking up as much as they could and asking lots of questions in order to work with the ovens they would receive.

The day prior, the sun was hiding behind clouds.  In lieu of not having our primary energy source, we walked through the workshop and then went to visit folks who received ovens when we were first there in December.  Jairol, Pastor Elsa’s husband, knows everyone and took us to visit six different family homes.  These times were incredible.  It was so humbling to be received in their homes and hear about their experiences with their ovens.

At one point I had to laugh hearing Jairol tell about how one person after another brought their solar-oven-cooked-food to share with them:

They ohhed and ahhed at the ginger cookies Jaciline baked,

Migilin showed off her fluffy rice,

and one day as Jairol was walking by Abuela Jovani’s house, he yelled in,

“The chicken on your roof sure smells good!”

As we finished our family visits, we arrived at Jairol’s gate.  Elsa came out of the house to meet us.  Jairol stopped and said very seriously, “Now you have to hear about our cooking.”   We burst out laughing.  He then turned to Elsa and said, “Tell them!”  Elsa proceeded to tell us everything Jairol had cooked in the past three weeks in their new oven.

May God Have the Glory!

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