Three Months in the USA

Ardell and I traveled home to the USA for 3 months (Sept. – Nov. 2017) of church visitations mostly in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

How would we best describe this time?  Looking back one might say it was intense and yet restful, stressful and yet refreshing, feeling homeless yet always welcome in the homes of family and friends, wild and fearful driving in big cities and then long stretches of road across the prairies that would bring sweet memories of times past.

In our 3 month journey there was a quiet flow of goodness through our lives, the grace of God that came to us through other people – local church congregations, family, and friends.  Maybe it’s a sign of age but life seems most abundant when we listen to one another’s stories.  Most of our conversations are stories of one sort or another that we need to tell in order to feel that someone else understands and cares.  We had lots of conversation on this trip, time to listen and to tell.  And now that we are back in the Dominican Republic we can unwrap and enjoy these stories and memories like Christmas gifts.

We told our mission story many times but it did not become tiresome because you listened and you asked questions.  You are interested because we are connected by a common desire to be in mission together.  What we have to share is not earth shaking but rather a quiet good news of God at work in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for all your hospitality: for opening your homes, for sharing meals (especially all those wonderful potluck feasts), and for giving us space in your churches and your schedules for our presentation.  You made us feel welcome and we hope you found new information and inspiration.

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