Young girls in the DR

Young girls are at great risk.  This is a fact we have learned as we have been talking with and listening to people in the Dominican society.

Reverend Betania and I have been listening to these people for 4 years and have finally gotten a chance to respond.  We designed a 6 class workshop to have time to listen to, interact with and influence young girls in the IED churches and their communities.

We’ve been able to meet with some of these girls from Rev. Erasme’s church for the past month on Saturday afternoons as a pilot project for the future.


In the first class we were challenged with the theme of identity.  The second, our bodies and spirituality and the third, as an introduction to our sexuality.







The young girls who have come have responded enthusiastically.  They decided to invite their friends, many of them young boys and younger children. We didn’t turn away anyone.




The challenge is great in this area and we are eager to continue.  Please pray for these young people.

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