1st set of Extension Bible School curriculum

On March 23rd, a Tuesday morning, Rev. Betania and I took our first set of curriculum for Extension Bible School to be printed.

This set, with four months of lessons, has taken us 3 years to prepare.  We have visited many of the 39 Extension Bible School sites around the country that the IED church hosts.  We’ve watched the children and talked with the volunteer teachers and volunteer church members where the classes are hosted, always in a cramped space around the person’s home.

I even had the blessing of being involved with beginning a new Extension Bible School in one of the IED churches on the northern cost of the country.  It was held in the mom’s fluttered yard with dead tree trunks, branches and bushes everywhere.  There were approximately 20 children from ages 3 to 15 years old.  There were no chairs for the kids to sit in.  The class was totally dynamic and the children were thrilled and 100% engaged.

This series of classes is written to help the children understand their own reality in the Dominican Republic in the light of the gospel.  The teachers and church leaders shared 12 themes with Rev. Betania and I a year ago that affect their society and their children.

The four themes chosen to begin the series are:  Identity, Carnaval, Safe & Healthy Entertainment, and Education.

The methodology we have used for this curriculum is to focus on one theme each month.  The first week we address the reality of this theme.  The second week is dedicated to study this theme in the light of the gospel.  The third week the children are able to invite their parents and they are then able to formulate their learning and present it to their parents.  The fourth week they are involved in a mission in relationship to this theme.

Please say a prayer for these churches and moms involved in reaching out to their children.

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