Fun with Cookies

dsc00882Whenever I have made cookies, or any dessert for that matter, in the last four years, the Dominicans love it.  So this Christmas, we decided to give cookies in a jar to the folks we work with in the church office.  For those who don’t know what these are, you put all the ingredients for a certain cookie in layers in a nice jar and then include a little note that says what to do with these ingredients and what is lacking so they can add them when they bake the cookies in their homes.  I chose an oatmeal cookie because it is the favorite of the pastor who I work with.  I added chocolate chips and a handful of M&M’s to the jars to make them colorful.  The little note told them they then needed to add an egg, ½ cup of butter and a tsp of vanilla.

We gave away 9 jars and each person seemed so happy and thanked us.

Yesterday, Rev. Betania shared with me about her experience with the cookies.  She laughed hysterically the whole time she was telling me the story.   Betania has three college age sons and they were all in on the baking together.

First, she had to light her gas oven, which she told me she had never used before so had no idea what would happen.  She ordered the boys outside since no one ever trusts gas stoves here. She was very happy with herself that all went well.

She then ordered her sons to figure out the temperature in the oven, since this is the second big problem with gas ovens here, they run very hot.  They told her there was nothing they could do.

Now she had to find a cookie sheet.  I don’t know how she solved this problem but I imagine she used the closest thing she had in her cupboard.

She then mixed the cookies just like I had indicated but when she was finished she decided they were too thick, even though I said on the recipe that they would be. She and her sons looked at the dough and decided in needed another egg.  Then she thought about me and trusted I knew what I was talking about, yet she still had doubts, so told her sons that she thought the cookies needed just a little milk added to the dough.  Luckily before she added it, she called another person we work with, who had also made the cookies and Rada assured her that NOTHING else was needed.

She said they then had a great time making the little balls and placing them 2 inches apart from one another.  When the first batch came out of the oven, they all cheered and had to make sure they were good so all tried one.  Betania felt very confident finishing the dough and baking all the cookies.  She put them in the cupboard and said they would have them for dessert after their meal of rice and beans that night, which was New Year’s Eve.  She then went to visit another person in the church before coming home to start cooking.

When she got home, there were no more cookies, not even one.  She calmly asked the boys, “Where are the cookies?”  They all just smiled.

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