Our oldest daugther Jenny’s wedding to Robert Simek

jenny-robert-11-von-13This was our first experience of having one of our children get married.  Jenny, our oldest, married Robert Simek in Munich, Germany on September 10th.  It was also our first time in Europe.  Jenny and Robert were legally married in a civil ceremony according to German law, so the wedding ceremony, two days later, was  a time to bless this young couple in the presence of God with the witness of family and friends.

cropped-on-blanketIt was a time for everyone present to commit themselves to support them as they go forward.  As a sign of our commitment many of us gave Jenny and Robert a weaving, a blanket, or a tapestry to cover them and assure them that they will never walk alone, that God and the community of faith will always be with them.

teatime-1-von-1-11It was a beautiful ceremony charged with emotion.  It was held in an open tent on the side of a mountain with the Alps visible in the distance.  God blessed us all.

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