UMVIM Team from First UMC, Gastonia, North Carolina

In August we had the honor to co-host a team of volunteers who came to build a water purification plant in the town of Jaquimeyes.  First UMC got interested in the water purification ministry here and raised enough funds for a water plant and then some.  First UMC not only raised the funds for the project but also sent a team to help with the construction.

The weather in the Dominican Republic in August is just plain hot.  We drank gallons of ice water and Gatorade to stay hydrated.  A number of the team members seemed able to deny the heat and work right alongside the Dominican masons.  Others of us did our best but often had to seek shelter under a shade tree to avoid heat stroke.  This team of Americans along with their Dominican counterpart raised the walls of a new water house which will soon be able to offer pure drinking water to a grateful community.

Our thanks to Pastor Ashley-Anne, Leigh, Angela and Steve, Kimm, James, Stephen, Eric, Stacey, and Sarah.  And thanks to Donna Bearden for her leadership along with Pastor Alfreda and her husband, Pastor Elias.   You have stored up treasures in heaven.

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