A Lesson in Repentance

DSC00197Reverend Betania and I wrote a lesson for the next series of Sunday School curriculum on repentance.  It’s a difficult subject for children and so we incorporated a game in the lesson that was inspired by pastors on the Iowa VIM team and the Trinity UMC VIM team from Atlanta, GA.  Reverend Jeremias invited us to do a trial run of the lesson with his 5th grade class at the IED School before the lesson is published.

He told us the class has 23 students but when we arrived we realized there were 35 students.  I had only made 23 hearts but they all said it was no problem and they could share.   There was a barrage of noise all around us with the different classes in session yet those 35 young people were attentive and engaged.

Betania shared about our actions, thoughts and words that separate us from God.  She asked the students what happens in their hearts when they are in these times.  They all said their hearts beat hard and fast.  One little boy leaned over and said very seriously to his friend, “My heart beats so fast when I do something wrong, I turn as white as a sheet.”

The hour went by so quickly that we just got started with the repentance game.  The students got so engaged they were all raising their hands and asking for opportunities to take their turn.

It was an unforgettable hour.

I asked two of them to take their picture with me and before Rev. Jeremias could take the shot, 25 more jumped into the picture with Rev. Betania and myself.

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