World Day of Prayer with children

Bethania Day of Prayer

What a privilege and pleasure it is for me to work with Reverend Bethania Figueroa.



On March 5th I assisted her as she planned and prepared for a children’s service to celebrate the World Day of Prayer.  We had toys, a map of Cuba since that is the country we were praying for, and balloons in the front of the sanctuary at the Villa Duarte IED church. Over 150 children came to participate.  The history of Cuba was shared, as was a drama of our scripture passage, Mark 10: 13-16 and many solos were shared by the children.







DSC00126DSC00137We asked them to draw the passage of how Jesus loves children and what this means to them.  I got to work with the youngest children.  When I asked them the question, many said matter-of-factly,  “We need to draw our homes.”

Rev. Bethania brought out balloons for each of the children.  The idea was that when they received their balloon they would share a commitment they have.  That’s when chaos broke out as children were chasing their balloons in every direction.  Yet each one came back to the pastor and shared their commitment.  One little boy said, “I’m going to go to school every day.” Another shared, “I’m going to be nicer to my friends.”

As I was leaving the church that day,  a taxi took more than an hour to appear, so the very poor door keeper of the church said to me,  “It’s OK,  let’s talk U.S. politics until the taxi arrives.”

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