Solar Oven Partners UMC sends the third VIM team to the Dominican Republic

IMG_6448Here is the lineup:  Rick Jost, Rev. Phil Lint, Jerry Suko, Karen Workman, Brenda Hare, David and Mary McCaa, Randy Jost, Ruth Jost Harding, and Meri Martin.

The team from here: Rev. Erasme Figura, Rev. Maria Bock, Mario (our bus driver), Ardell and Gordy Graner

Together we did seven demonstrations in eight days.  We traveled to four demonstration sites: Batey 7; Duvergé; Mella; and Jaquimeyes – all impoverished small towns in the southern region.  The result was great as there are now 90 more families with a solar oven.

The logistics involved in arranging solar oven demonstrations are not complicated but the actual workshops are a challenge to manage.  There are so many moving parts especially all the people who show up, children, adolescents, youth, adults all come to see what this is all about.  And they all want to help to assemble the ovens, prepare the food, and cook.  This is a blessing for sure but you have got to be able to tolerate chaos, noise, and confusion.

What is a real treasure is to be in the presence of the Dominican young people whose faces are so alive with curiosity and enthusiasm.  They are thrilled to take a small part in the activities of solar oven cooking.  And their joy lifts the whole scene.

The solar oven team comes to help us open new areas to find the persons who are in real need of an oven and are most likely to use it regularly.  It takes time and hard work to share the blessing of a new way to cook with the sun.  The team did their job and now we must trust that our efforts will be multiplied by the work of the Holy Spirit.  Our hope is that those who have received an oven will share its benefits with friends and neighbors.  Then we will return as often as they invite us.

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