Pots and Customs

DSCN3129The solar ovens we are working with come with 3 pots each, black enamel pots.  We have a whole container full of solar ovens but we had no pots.  Rick Jost of Solar Oven Partners had sent us pots directly from Mexico and they arrived in the Dominican Republic according to schedule.  The problem was the custom tax for over 5,000 pots was ridiculously high.  Should we try the route of getting liberation of taxes with our church status?  But the catch is that getting liberation of taxes can take time and in that time we pay a hefty daily storage fee for a whole container of pots.  We are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

solar ovens 078The story is too long for this article but rest assured we had to wrestle the government bureaucrats until the final hours of the last day.  You see Rick Jost was on his way with a solar oven team and without pots our work together was seriously hobbled.  There was plenty of drama and hand wringing on our part but also prayer.  The pots were finally liberated from taxes but we did have to pay storage.  However there was a savings of thousands of dollars.

DSCN3421We met Rick and the solar oven team at the airport with the good news that the pots were liberated from government captivity the night before and we all rejoiced.  Praise God.

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