Whiffle ball game in the rain.

baseballIt had rained most of the morning in Villa Clara that day.  The Iowa volunteer-in-mission team were all able to stay pretty engaged with projects that Reverend Pedro had set up for us.   Nevertheless after lunch as the rain continued and the children began arriving,   Linda, Steve and I made a firm decision that we were going to visit a famous baseball field.  It is the baseball field where our pastor Pedro Rodney and his cousin, Fernando Rodney played when they were growing up.  Fernando is a pitcher with the Chicago Cubs.

Even though the rains continued we were determined to play some baseball.  The three of us were like pied pipers carrying the whiffle ball and bat with a line of children following.

IMG_7943Over the years the diamond has turned back into the pasture it always was.  There were donkeys and cows tethered, enjoying the steamy rain and eating away.  There was more than an inch of water standing on the field which only made it more challenging.

IMG_7956In the midst of all of this we chose teams and took turns pitching and playing the bases.  Steve and I were blessed to receive almost all little girls.  I LOVED getting into it with them and yelled at the top of my lungs whenever anyone of them made an effort.  Linda took a slip and slide in the grass on one play, as did lots of the children.  Each time the game stopped and we all laughed and helped each other up.   It was wonderful fun.

IMG_7976We were all soaked and muddy yet walked back to the church through the creek and banana trees and people’s yards, laughing and sharing and holding hands.  I don’t think any of us will forget that day for a while.

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