Solar Oven Partners – 2nd VIM team to the Dominican Republic

We took a second step in our new ministry to teach solar oven cooking and distribute the ovens to persons in need, especially those who do not have enough resources for cooking fuel.

The weather in December was not the best for solar cooking but we carried on in sunshine and in the shadow of clouds.

DSCN4496However, in San Rafael we had abundant sunshine and a large group of neighbors from the surrounding area. Rev. Carolina, the pastor of the San Rafael church had congregated a wonderful group of children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Carolyna's churchWe had about eight ovens cooking chicken, beef stew, vegetable dishes, french bread, corn bread, and sweet cakes. We distributed as many ovens as we had assembled and due to demand had to make a few more, an encore performance for our oven makers. What a privilege to be a part of such a gathering of God’s people to witness God’s love shared in fellowship and a sun cooked banquet.

We are grateful to the Solar Oven Partners team from the Dakotas: Rick and Lorna Jost, Harris Bailey, Barbara Krumm, Meri Martin, David Stearns, Beth Swanson, and also to our Dominican partners: Rev. Maria Bock, Rev. Erasme, and our driver, Mario. All are serving with a faith based commitment, compassion, enthusiasm, and good humor. What a joy and what a gift to be a part of such a mission. Thank you all!

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