Batey 7

January 11, 2016:Juan Batey 7 I was able to go to one of the Haitian-Dominican communities where the sugar cane workers have lived for many years. I was asked to facilitate a planning meeting for a community development project that will be taking place with two of our missionary colleagues: Jenny & Mark.

This community is called Batey 7. There are over 300 families living in Batey 7 and over 350 children in their local school. The community will be involved in an event to determine what illnesses affect their children and how they can work to prevent these illnesses. 15 community leaders came to the first planning session.   Everyone was eager to take part.

Batey 7 group





After the meeting, one of the participants invited us to her home to eat rice and beans. I had never been invited to one of their homes before. It was a tiny wooden slat house. Four of us could only fit into the combined kitchen, living and dining room. Her family photos were taped onto the boards. She had a tin roof that had hundreds of small holes between the tin and the wood.

I went to assist them with their planning and felt completely humbled and blessed by their faith, their openness, and their commitment to their community.

May God bless them in this event to take place on February 1st and 2nd. Please pray for this community.

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