Acts of Kindness in the Dominican Republic

It is so incredible to be in the presence of a kind and humble people:

IMG_4215 - CopyWe were preparing for the arrival of our first volunteer-in-mission team from North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.   We were planning for the team with Reverend Cancu who is the Executive Secretary, our bishop.  We were discussing the team’s daily schedule.   Reverend Cancu said he would have Rada, the office secretary photocopy the schedule.  Later I found out that Rada was too busy.  So Reverend Cancu walked our schedule to the photocopy shop, got us 20 copies and walked back.  He is a very busy man but also a humble servant.
IMG_3607 - CopyWe lived in fellowship with the Monte Rojo church for 7 days;  painting, sewing church banners, sharing food, and growing in relationship.  The last 2 days we spent back in the capital city of Santo Domingo before the team flew back to the frozen north.  I took them for a short walk to the sea wall before they left the city.  The highway that runs along the sea is a four lane highway that has no stop lights so the constant roaring stream of traffic can make it impossible for pedestrians to cross.  As we approached the interstate,  I saw the traffic and thought,

DSC02946“How in the world am I going to get this group of folks across these solid four lanes of traffic travelling at 50 mph????”

We stood there with the ocean just across the highway but with the solid traffic keeping us from crossing. Then, a man appeared in his tourist carriage being pulled by a pathetic, bony little horse.  He saw us and understood our predicament.   He stopped his horse and carriage exactly across the four lanes from us and then slowly began to maneuver the little fellow to come up against the traffic one lane at a time.  We all stood watching in awe and trepidation as the scene unfolded.  We were amazed to see all four lanes of traffic come to a stop.  We could not believe this was being done for us as we ran across the street right past the man and his horse.  A smiling thank you hardly seemed like enough to recognize his kindness.  The man drove off with his carriage, waved and was gone.

It was a joy for us to visit Reverend Betania’s church last Sunday morning.  The people are loving and sincere in their faith and Betania is a testimony to us of God’s  grace.  As we left the church, the folks told us to walk to the corner to try and find a taxi in this very poor neighborhood.  As we approached a taxi driver, two little children,  a boy and a girl ran up to us,  all out of breath and said to the driver,  “They are from our church and we ask that you charge them a fair price.”

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