Devotional Writing Workshop

2014-03-24 14.51.00 - CopyFranklin, Leo, Esmiralda, Ambar, Maria Luisa, Clinton, Nayeli, Mark, Alberto, Meybi, Esperanza, José, Genesi, Yolanda, Santa. In front, Jenny, Annika, Keila, and Ardell

I believe every person on this earth is brimming with beautiful gifts and talents.

I was blessed by God the end of March 2014 to have the opportunity to work with Mark & Jenny, friends and fellow missionaries with the Dominican Evangelical Church (Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana). We joined twelve teenagers from Batey 7 who had the task of writing devotionals to share with the other families in their community.

There are over 200 batey communities in the Dominican Republic.  Bateys are shanty towns where Haitian farm workers come to live when they arrive in the DR.  They work for 200 pesos ($5) a day cutting sugar cane.

IMG_3301  mark with the groupThese young folks along with others from their batey chose their topics of concern.  The issues are: spirituality, hygiene, employment, self-esteem, adequate housing, agriculture,  the community’s environment, the right to be recognized as citizens and to have legal documents, sexual health and education, and the rights of children and adolescents.

The mission of these young people was to connect these themes with, in Leo’s (who is 14 years old) words,  “what Jesus would say about these topics”,  in hopes of building relationships, educating and being in solidarity with the families of the batey in order to foster community development.

2014-03-25 18.05.30 - CopyJose told me the last day we were together, that when we first met with him he thought to himself, “we are never going to be able to prepare devotionals”.

I said, “And yet you did, and so beautifully.”

He just smiled.

Please read more about Mark & Jenny’s powerful ministries:

Jenny Bent:

&  Mark Hare:  http://markandjenny–

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