A visit from Mark & Nancy

Mark & Nancy Garrison came to visit us in March.  We were commissioned together 25 years ago.  They grew up in India and Nepal and then returned to India to serve the church.  We enjoyed sharing stories.  Nancy,2014-03-15 08.47.43 - Copy (2)2014-03-15 09.07.13 - Copy for example had a week long journey to get to school which included a 90 mile walk!  It was great having them.

While they were here, we visited a small church in a poor neighborhood known as Los Girasoles (The Sunflowers).  It was Saturday and Pastor Erasmo shared with 30 children about Daniel and the lion’s den.  They then had a songfest inviting anyone who wanted to come to the front of the church to sing a solo.  The children lined up but it was a 4 year old who got to go first, eager to share his talent.

The older girls, 10-12 years old, went into the side room, which was separated with a curtain and began hand sewing a square.  Their teacher told Nancy and I the sequence that she would use to teach the girls how to eventually sew their own skirts, by hand………and then she said,  “Until our sewing machine arrives.”  I reacted very enthusiastically with, “Oh, you’re going to get a sewing machine.”  The teacher replied matter-of-factly, “Yes.”   I was left with many questions, so I asked, “When will it arrive?”  She calmly said, “Soon, we’re praying for it.”2014-03-15 09.02.04

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