Sunday School Curriculum for Lent

2014-03-11 11.40.12 - Copy     “We need Sunday School lessons that connect the message of the Bible with our culture and our traditions.”

“We know that the Word of God is written for us, right now, today, in the Dominican              Republic but we don’t know how to communicate this with our children, youth and adults who are hungry to grow in their relationship with God.”

Four IED pastors and four lay people joined together to write and prepare curriculum.  It is a sensitive, challenging and very rewarding process.   We began with the task of preparing  six lessons for the Lenten season,  and ended up with eight lessons; six for Lent, one to prepare for Ash Wednesday and one to

Thank you to Pastors - Copy

celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We prepared a lesson for adults and young people, one for adolescent children and one for small children, three lessons for each of the eight Sundays.

Every Sunday the pastors receive enthusiastic, grateful comments regarding the lessons.

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