Introduction to Water@Work Project for the IED

IMG_4128 - CopyIMG_4129 - CopyIMG_4163 - CopyWater was created by God.  It is a gift of God for all people.  All people are completely dependent on water to live.  Water is life.  Pure water, uncontaminated, is a daily need of all people rich or poor.  Pure drinking water should be available to all people every day.

In the Dominican Republic the water supply is contaminated.  That has given rise to the business of selling purified drinking water.  This water is sold at a price that is affordable to middle and upper income people.  However, it can be an economic hardship for people of limited income who pay the same price for water as do the rich.  When a family in poverty cannot afford to buy water they cannot decide to stop drinking water until they have money.  They must have water to drink and therefore are forced to drink contaminated water.

As Christians we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves.  We also know that some of our neighbors cannot afford to buy pure drinking water.  We have a responsibility and an opportunity to serve our neighbors with a gift of God, pure water.

As Christians we are also called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Just as water gives life to our physical bodies, the spirit of Christ is a spring of water that gushes up to eternal life (John 4:14).  The spirit of Christ is a gift of God necessary for abundant life, free and available to all people.

Physical water and spiritual water are necessities of life.  Both are the gift of God and both should be available to all.

Water@Work and the IED have made a covenant to work together to provide pure water to drink and the holy water of Jesus Christ which gives life to our spirits.   As members of the IED we have an opportunity to offer the waters of life to our neighbors.

A Covenant Agreement Between W@W and the IED

1)    This Covenant Agreement is between the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana (IED) and Water at Work Ministry, Inc. (W@W). The IED is a Christian church denomination based in the Dominican Republic and headquartered in Santo Domingo. W@W is a Christian non-profit organization focused on water purification programs. It is based in the United States, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently focused exclusively on the needs in the Dominican Republic.

2)   Summary: A concern of any ministry in the developing world is sustainability.  The success of this ministry depends on W@W and the IED having a stable, long term relationship in which both partners are committed to providing potable, clean water at minimum cost to persons who are economically impoverished and in doing so will also offer in word and deed, the living water of Jesus Christ.  The W@W water purification system (E-ROTM) to be installed and operated in the Dominican Republic requires that W@W provides the system and water house, technical service and expertise to install and maintain the system, provides replacement parts including filters (to be paid for by the participating local church contributions to a warranty account from funds collected from water sales).   The IED will provide local church participation in this water service ministry.  The IED will identify churches that have the will and capability to house and manage the water service; provide the leadership necessary to prepare a local church to be a host site, and will follow up with each local church host to insure that service is in keeping with the covenant agreement.  If W@W and the IED maintain a faithful working relationship with common cause in our commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ, we will then have a solid foundation for sustainability.

Gordon is working with this new project orienting local IED churches that wish to participate in this ministry.

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