Carol Knodle’s visit

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Carol Knodle from the Flame of Faith UMC in West Fargo, ND came to visit us in the Dominican Republic.  Carol has a long history with mission and has led many Volunteer in Mission teams in the past to our previous mission site at Thiu Rancho in Bolivia.  She would like to continue leading teams and came to see first-hand where we might do volunteer mission work together in this ‘new’ land.

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Carol and Rev. Cancu
Carol and Rev. Cancu







We toured some of the church sites where we are placing water purification houses in La Jagua and Doña Ana.  These are sites in poor communities that will offer purified water to lower income families at a minimum cost.  This ministry is modeled after Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well.  It is an opportunity for the local church to reach out to persons in the community to meet a physical need for potable water and also offer an encounter with Christ and the Water that wells up Eternally.

We also took Carol to an Extension Bible School class at the home of sister Milagro, in the barrio of San Luis located in the outskirts of Santo Domingo.   There were about 20 children and adolescents present on a Saturday afternoon, bright eyed and excited to be there.  It is touching to see these kids respond to a brief Bible lesson and how readily they participate when asked questions.  There were no frills on this occasion except a packet of crackers for a snack.

The Extension Bible School meets a need of children who are hungry for a Bible story.  Hermana Milagro offers her very modest home as a refuge that is safe and a weekly reassurance of the love of God.  It is perhaps the only chance that these children have to hear the stories of Jesus.  It is a sorely needed refuge for children who feel lost in the chaos that surrounds them day to day.  We would like to find a way to support this important ministry throughout the island both with volunteer teams and offerings through our new Advance Special #3021935, Lost and Found: Children of the Dominican Republic.

We are grateful for Carol’s heart for mission and hope to host a team from the Dakotas in early 2015.

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