Vacation Bible School in Santo Domingo

July 2013 016 July 2013 010 July 2013 005 As part of our orientation process Ardell and I have been visiting some VBS programs around the city.  Our immediate observation is the masses of children that attend, 200 to 400 kids in each church.  The noise level is roaring as the teachers try to keep order and attempt to manage the presentation of a program.  It is not chaos however and the children are in their own way being attentive.

The children love to sing even if it sounds more like shouting.  There are smiles all around and a general mood of joy.  These are children of poverty and one can only imagine the circumstances they face day to day.  But at VBS there is a time to focus on God’s love and grace expressed by the caring teachers and helpers.  The sandwich and juice that are given are not the main attraction but a close second for children who are never sure of their next meal.  Singing, drama, Bible study, a bite to eat, and lots of love combine to bless a multitude of children.

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