Sister Churches

discipleship with Puerto Ricans 002 discipleship with Puerto Ricans 004One of life’s greatest gifts is to have a sister or brother that understands us and cares about our well being.  Sometimes this sibling type of relationship exists between two churches as it does between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.  The two evangelical churches share some common history, doctrine, and mission.

The Puerto Rican church brought twenty pastors and lay leaders to the Dominican Republic to share with us their journey of a new focus on diaconal ministry.  They have significantly strengthened their churches by encouraging their lay persons to exercise their gifts in service to their local church and community.  The ministry of the diaconate lay membership is to be administrator of the grace of God.

Ardell and I were invited to participate for a few days of this encounter at a Dominican church camp.  It was a blessed time of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ who are so enthusiastic to give and to learn and grow in faith.  We shared meals together, lived in rustic conditions, worshipped together, and shared our faith and experience with one another.  We can and do learn much from books and videos but how great it is when the ‘word becomes flesh’ and lives with us.

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