Christian Education Workshop in Sabaneta

We were asked to facilitate our first Christian Education workshop in Sabaneta, Dominican Republico on May 12th.  Sabaneta is a small village on the northern coast of the DR, 3 ½ hours from the capital city of Santo Domingo.  The Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana has 7 circuitas, which are mission churches in this area.

Gord and I were so amazed when we met in a small outdoor pavilion with no walls but a roof, which held 40 people comfortably in a circle and 62 educators showed up, all so eager and open to find new ways to work with children.

I think this workshop happened very quickly after we just arrived in the Dominican on April 4th,  yet, God willing, some very positive things will happen and we will be able to support these folks as they share God’s precious love with the children and youth in their communities.

Please say a prayer for them.  And please pray that we will have many more chances to share together with this community.   020 024 019 - Copy

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