Family News

Family News

Being a family scattered across 4,000 miles helps us to appreciate dearly every time we are together.

12 - 2012 088 - Copy

12 - 2012 064 - Copy 018 - CopyAt the time of this writing Jenny, our oldest is in San Francisco, CA.  She has joined the Dolphin Club that finds joy in swimming in the ice cold water of the San Francisco Bay.  She says her Norwegian heritage must provide the genetic material necessary to do such a thing.  Jenny has met a fellow Dolphin who is 83 years old and has been swimming the Bay for 57 years.  Makes you wonder.

Along with swimming in the bay, Jenny is also in the process of building her own version of Tiu Rancho, called ocean ground.  ocean ground is dedicated to providing financial literacy and business education to working adults, starting in Ecuador.  She is currently in fundraising mode for the launch of this new initiative.

Hannah finished her 3rd year of college in Berkeley, CA.  It was not easy.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth along the way.  We have told Hannah that college can be the crucible that makes you into an adult.  Hannah spent 6 weeks last summer commercial fishing in Alaska and this summer working with street kids in Bolivia.  On her way back to California she will stop and visit us in the Dominican Republic.

Samuel continues living on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.  He is a philosopher and an artist who barely keeps body and soul together by selling his paintings.  Sam lives very simply and can probably get all his worldly possessions in a small backpack.  We cannot visit him as we did before while living in Bolivia and we must be content with a few sentences by email that don’t come very often.

Such as we are, we hold each other dear.  God hears from us often as we pray for one another asking God to care for each one when we are far away and when there is trouble and when we are lonesome.  And we are grateful for Skype that allows us to be in touch almost every day.

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  1. Good to hear about J, S & H. and their interesting activities/lives. Praying for you two being far from them!

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