Baseball Tournament & Celebration

Last week we had a chance to honor Ariel Quiroz for the years that he has been the coach of the Tiu Rancho baseball teams.  It was a beautiful celebration.

This celebration coincided with a national tournament held in Cochabamba.  Twelve Tiu Rancho boys played for the Cochabamba team. Teams from Santa Cruz, Tarija,  Potosi, Sucre and Oruro all participated in the tournament.   Our kids are between the ages of nine and twelve years old and they played their hearts out and won five of their six games and took third place. Every game was so exciting!

When the time came to thank Ariel, all of the children and young people raced up to him, almost tackling him as they surrounded him.  They all immediately realized that they needed to do this in a more orderly manner and scampered into a line in front of him.  Many jumped into his arms to hug him and thank him for his dedication and encouragement and love to each of them.

There was so much smiling and laughing, I felt so touched as I stood back and watched, sensing that God was smiling too.

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