Return to Bolivia

We returned to Bolivia on June 1st, 2011 after being in the United States and visiting all of you.  It was an amazing year and, as always, we were inspired and blessed and totally enjoyed our time visiting all the folks in our supporting churches.

We were able to live with Jenny and Hannah in Berkeley, California during the days that we weren’t itinerating.  Those were precious moments and we will hold them close and dear.

All of the staff at the Tiu Rancho Center worked hard to continue the ministries and daily work.  We arrived back in Cochabamba during a strike and road blocks, which we hadn’t known about, and tried to not feel disappointed when there was no one at the airport to greet us.  We had to wait for a pick-up that was taking passengers out of the airport grounds to a street corner where we might find some kind of transportation.  The driver found his way around blocked roads to get us to the parsonage.  There we stayed until we could find another apartment to move into.

We are very happy to be back at the Tiu Rancho Center and are so very thankful for your support and your prayers so that we might continue in the ministries with the Bolivian Methodist Church.

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