January, 2010 SS workshop

Ardell Graner

We were all able to meet the first week of January for our yearly national Sunday School workshop at the American Institute, a Methodist school in Cochabamba. This was an excellent place for us since it has such beautiful grounds and the school was able to equip us with seven, very needed, computers that the teachers used to write their lessons.

We were 38 persons in all including: Dr Leslie Long from the Oklahoma conference, eight young teachers who were able to work with us for the first time, 23 veteran teachers, and six national pastors who accompanied, encouraged, and assisted us.

It was an exciting week as we worshiped our Lord together during our devotional times, shared experiences, and applied critical knowledge of the culture and our own faith experiences to the materials produced. These new lessons will be taught and shared with the children in our churches throughout Bolivia.

Many of the young teachers shared their excitement as they know they have materials that they have written and are culturally appropriate for the spiritual growth of the children in their churches. They also shared testimonies during the workshop of how many more children are coming to their Sunday School classes.

Many of the teachers also told us how much they grow in their own faith during these times and are thankful to have times for fellowship and problem solving with other teachers.

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