Agriculture Activities

Gordon Graner

We have about five acres of land under cultivation and are able to produce two crops per year when there is ample rainfall. In the dry season we irrigate with water from our wells and water that we share in common with our neighbors. Since we are not entirely dependent on income gained from agriculture we are able to allow some of our land to lie fallow in the dry season. We also do not use herbicides or pesticides but rather rely on crop rotation and extra help at times when we need to weed the crops.
The honey produced at Thiu Rancho is a combination of nectar collected by the bees from alfalfa, a variety of wild flowers, and the eucalyptus trees. It is a dark amber and completely natural. Many honey sellers adulterate their product with sugar, water, and even mix it with artificial honey produced in Argentina. Our honey is 100% honest to goodness pure, maybe even spiritual. It is very popular and we sell locally to church members, Ardell’s racquetball associates, people who come to Thiu Rancho for retreats, and other friends. In Bolivia, people use honey like medicine especially in our winter season to ward off colds and flu. Maybe we should also market our honey to the local pharmacies.

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